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Friday, 6 May 2016

suspected cultist arrested for dropping human head on the road

Idris Adebayo confessed to have dropped the head of a rival cult member on the Old Apapa Road, Oyingbo, Lagos State. In a chat with a Punch correspondent, Adebayo, who has now been transferred to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Ikeja, said, “We were four that killed the man.

Dagbe, Aloma, Kashir and I ambushed him and cut off his head. His offence was that he came to our territory to visit his girlfriend. We thought he had come to spy on us. Dagbe gave his head to me to dump at where people would see him.
Two persons and I took a tricycle and when we got to Olokodana, I dropped the head from the polythene bag. His body had already been dumped in a stream. I was arrested on Saturday.”

Cc: Punchng

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