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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Soldier dies during the rescue of the 2nd Chibok girl

Francis Adigun, a member of the Armed Forces Special Force trained in Russia with the aim of combating insurgency, died on Thursday, 19th of May, 2016, during the advance and rescue operation which led to the rescue of the second Chibok girl and about 70 other hostages.

He is survived by a daughter and a pregnant wife. A tribute to him by his friend reads:
 “He paid the supreme price, he gave his life for the freedom of others. While rescued women and girls are reunited with their families, he is parted from his forever. I sit here still finding it hard to believe you are gone.
Let us always remember freedom comes at a price and let us also remember those who paid the price. He was a loving father, a wonderful friend, a caring brother, a great footballer and above all, a gallant soldier. Rest in Peace Francis Adigun, RIP birthday mate, I will miss you, your family and friends will miss you, the Armed Forces Special Force will miss you.”


  1. hmmm so sad. ultimate price paid to rescue others. may his gentle soul rest in peace

  2. Imagine the monster the same self acclaimed righteous president Buhari politically created to destabilise GEJ Adm has taken millions of Nigerians to their early grave, blood sucking demons. Buhari is demonic