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Friday, 6 May 2016

See What Nigerian Actor Okey Bakasi Shared On His Facebook Page Over Libido & Money

“Hello ladies. Does your man live in Nigeria? Has he been experiencing low sexual appetite/libido recently?

It may not be what you’re thinking. …he’s not cheating. He maybe experiencing “owumitis”…. loss of sexual interest due to ‪#‎weakeconomy‬.

My research has shown that due to the close proximity of the male reproductive organ and his pocket, the penis is the first to notice when the pocket is empty and subsequently begins to shut down gradually.

So, if you want your man in full action, put some money in his pocket. It works faster than Viagra.
Good luck. @okeybakassi”, He shared on his Facebook page.

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Ima Okoro said...

His propositions are very wrong.

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