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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Referring To Tiwa and Tee Billz: Your Marriage Is Under Spiritual Attack(Pastor Felix Lebarty)

Lover boy “old school” singer-turned-pastor, Felix Aigbe Lebarty who is the G.O of Soul Winners for Christ Ministry, Benin, Edo State, has called on the embattled couple to save themselves and the Nigerian music industry from further embarrassment by resolving  their differences amicably, Vanguradngr reports.

He specifically begged Tiwa to return to Teebillz quietly despite the emotional pains she’s going through at the moment. His words: “Teebillz is under serious attack from the pit of hell, and as such, Tiwa should not allow the devil to use  her  husband  to destroy her future.
It’s one thing to  be famous and it’s another to know how to manage fame. I want  her (Tiwa Savage) to go back to her husband immediately because there is no divorce spiritually except when the man is no more. I want her to know that if God wants to announce any woman that is matured, He will always match  her with a man.
In this case, that is what God has done for her. I want Tiwa Savage to begin to understand that whatever is happening to her now is an attack from the pit of hell. Her husband is in deep trouble. I am sure that his pastor has not been able to tell him that he’s under attack.
The devil may not attack you directly, it will attack your partner. Spiritually, as I am seeing it, her husband (TeeBillz)  is under attack. Every behaviour her husband is exhibiting now is manipulated.  The Bible says, you have to be there  for your husband, and your husband will be there for you.
Whatever that is going on now, remains the fact that your husband is being manipulated by spiritual forces that doesn’t want you to grow.  And by the time you walk out of  your marriage, you are giving the devil the opportunity to destroy your life completely.”

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