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Monday, 23 May 2016

Pres. Buhari to spend N3.914bn on the maintenance of the Presidential Villa

According to Punch, Pres. Buhari will spend N3.914bn on the maintenance of the Presidential Villa, Abuja this year, Punch reports. This is apart from another N282.962m already set aside for the General Maintenance Services ( GMS ) of State House (Headquarters); and the N41.844m budgeted for GMS of State House Operations (Vice President).

These figures are contained in the details of the 2016 budget made available on the website of the Budget Office. The N3.914bn for Annual Routine Maintenance of Villa Facilities, will be paid to Julius Berger Plc, saddled with the responsibility of maintaining Aso Rock.

The State House Operations (President) got a total allocation of N1.698bn while State House Operations (Vice-President) got a total allocation of N289.617m. Out of the N282.962m budgets for GMS of State House (Headquarters), N182.079m will be spent on maintenance of motor vehicles/transport equipment.

N11.545m for the maintenance of office furniture; N27.846m for the maintenance of office/IT equipment; N13.620m for the maintenance of plants/generators and N47.870m for other maintenance services.

The breakdown of the N41.844m budgeted for General Maintenance Services of State House Operations (Vice President) shows that N27.139m is for the maintenance of motor vehicles/transport equipment; N1.451m for the maintenance of office furniture; N4.422m for the maintenance of plants/generator; and N8.832m for other maintenance services.

Under Materials and Supplies, N103.470m is budgeted for foodstuff/catering materials supplies; N321.070m for miscellaneous; N276.879m for honorarium and sitting allowance; while N44.190m is allocated to publicity and advertisement. N32.368m is allocated to General Consulting and Professional Services.

Under that category, financial consulting got N25.063m; N2.713m allocated to legal services; and N4.591 budgeted for budget preparation. The FG will also be buying recreation materials worth N12.075m for the Presidential Villa during the year.


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Na so nah, Buhari is not officially corrupt but personally corrupt, nonsense

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