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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Nigerian man was allegedly said to have killed his friend over toothbrush

Police in Ghana have arrested Marvelous Okere, 26, for allegedly stabbing his compatriot, Sunday Orga, over a used toothbrush.
The Okere allegedly took the toothbrush of the deceased to brush his teeth but never returned it, resulting in a fight.

Marvelous in anger took an empty wine bottle, broke it and used it to stab Orga in the head and back. He was rushed to the LEKMA hospital for treatment but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The incident occurred on Saturday April 30, 2016 around 9am at Nungua beach drive area where the two live in a single room together with five others. Reports indicate that the his arrived Ghana only two weeks ago, from Delta State, Nigeria, and were perching with the other five friends who are all Nigerians.


  1. The guy need to be kept in the prison for life

  2. What? This is very bad

  3. He is a fool. That mistake wil cause him his life too