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Saturday, 7 May 2016

NDLEA saves Drug traffickers from death

2 suspected drug traffickers were recently saved from untimely death at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NAIA) Abuja, after swallowing 137 wraps of cocaine.
They were in a critical health condition on arrival at the airport, from Sao Paulo, Brazil enroute Dubai.
They were immediately rushed to the hospital for intensive medical care. All 137 wraps of cocaine ingested by them have been successfully evacuated from their system and they are now in a stable health condition. Ogbobe James Chidiebere, 33, ingested 62 wraps.

Okonkwo Ernest Nonye, 33, ingested 75 wraps. Three other suspects are Okanimeh Chinedu Niclopez, 33, arrested with a duty free bag stocked with cocaine hidden inside chocolates; Obeche Ignatius Emeka, 29, and Ikeaba Chidi Anthony, 31, caught with cocaine hidden inside socks.

Chidiebere was quoted as saying, “I thank the NDLEA for taking us to the hospital on time. I know that I made a mistake but I never knew that it could have led to my death. Even though, they will take me to court, I still thank God that I am alive.

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