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Friday, 20 May 2016

Kano workers & the youths demonstrates in support of fuel subsidy removal.

Hundreds of youths and civil servants in Kano State, northwest Nigeria have protested in support of fuel subsidy removal.

While presenting a letter of support to the state’s Head of Service for onward transfer to President Buhari, leader of the youths, Usman Fagge, said that it was shameful and unfortunate that the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has called for a strike at a time when Nigerians are celebrating success.

“Where were you when politicians were looting funds meant for our security?” This was the question repeatedly asked by the youths and civil servants.

They carried placards and pamphlets with various messages signifying support to President Buhari and the removal of fuel subsidy.

They expressed belief that the subsidy removal will in no doubt end the suffering of Nigerians, stressing that NLC leadership are being cowards.

Receiving the letter of support for President Buhari, the Kano State Head of Service, Auwal Naiya, told the youths and workers that President Buhari was fully aware of their situation.

While promising government’s commitment to making life better for Nigerians, he said that the removal of fuel subsidy would provide government with the opportunity to alleviate the suffering of Nigeria.

All government agencies in Kano opened for work and market places have also continued to operate.

There has been no report of protest by the NLC anywhere in the state.

The Kano State Police Command said that policemen had been deployed in all the exit and entry routes in Kano State as well as in many strategic areas across the state.


  1. Do they know what fuel subsidy even mean, uneducated fools.

  2. We are talking about the fuel pump price to reduce so that an average Nigerian will be able to survive not the subsidy aturu Hausassss!