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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Hausa And Igbos Clash In Aba, 3 Dead (see photos)

It took the efforts of security men to quell what would have been a deadly riot between Igbos as Hausa/Fulani Cattle rearers at Water Side Ogbor Hill.

According to an eye witness the clash started when an Hausa cattle rearer allegedly stabbed an Igbo man after some slight quarrel, this led to anger among the Igbo people who saw what happened.
They killed two Hausa men at the spot, others scampered to the nearest police station, as the slaughter boys chased them with matchetes and cutlasses.

The young Igbo man who was stabbed by the Hausa man, was reported to have died some moments later as he was stabbed in the heart, the news of his death made the slaughter boys to organize and head to Mosque street Aba.

As at the time of filing this report, the Hausa community in Aba has been deserted over what they feared as bigger reprisals by Ogbor Hill slaughter boys.


  1. Anaekwu nke emere eme ozo anaeme! They should deal with the perpetrator biko

  2. It's time we fight back

  3. Those bastards are heartless