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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Governor Okorocha to hire new teachers and privatized the state university if the workers fail to call off the strike

Speaking in Owerri yesterday, Gov. Okorocha who accused the lecturers of sabotage and wondered why they were revolting, said: “A comparative analysis has been made with other state universities in the South-East zone and it was discovered that Imo pays far more than other states.

IMSU workers only argued that the institution offers qualitative studies than the other state-owned universities in the South-East. I have discovered that most IMSU lecturers are not happy with the free education programme of my administration. They want it to fail.

Perhaps, they want the students to pay school fees and this is not what I am prepared to accommodate. Honestly, if they fail to call off the strike, I will hire new teachers and concession the university to any willing investor, in the interest of our children.”

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