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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Ex-militant accuse GEJ as the founder of the new Niger Delta Avengers

The National Coalition of Niger Delta Ex-Agitators, NCNDE-A, has accused former President Goodluck Jonathan of founding the new militant group known as Niger Delta Avengers ( NDA ), in January last year ahead of the March 2015 presidential election,
The National President of NCNDE-A, Israel Akpodoro, said this in Abuja on Friday, urging GEJ to call members of the NDA to order.
His words: “the NDA is a creation of GEJ aimed at thwarting any efforts made by successive administration especially that of the Pres. Buhari-led APC administration.”
He further revealed that the threat was planed at a well-attended meeting in January, 2015, with all the prominent ex-militants including Jonathan and some of his close pals in attendance.
He claimed that the message then was that all ex-militants from the region should return to the creek preparatory for action should Buhari win the then coming election. He warned his kinsmen against risking their lives for the political interest of one man.
He said, “I was bundled out of the meeting but then that is realities of what Nigerians are witnessing today. GEJ created the monster NDA, and he alone can call them to order and that is what my group is asking him to do.
Nigerians should hold GEJ responsible for any possible collateral damage that may be incurred in the process of exterminating that destructive rag tag group with all its sympathisers in the region.
Our common enemies in the Niger Delta region are those governors, ministers, Special Advisers, Director Generals, Senators and other representatives who participated in government and use their offices to enrich themselves at the detriment of general good.
We must redirect our anger to those who cornered the dividends of democracy in the region buying fleet of aeroplanes, building mansions in choices cities of the world while their people live in abject poverty. Pres. Buhari isn’t our problem but our leaders from the region.”


  1. No mind am... that bribe to blackmail GEJ go soon kill am