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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Donald Trump says new London mayor Sadiq Khan is exempt from Muslim US ban

Donald Trump claims new London mayor Sadiq Khan would be an 'exception' to his ban on Muslims entering the US.
The billionaire's latest claim comes five months after he sparked international fury by proposing a ban on Muslims entering the US until authorities could "figure out what's going on".

This week Mr Khan hit out at the presidential hopeful, saying he would have to pay a visit to the US as mayor before Mr Trump had the chance to block him, the Daily Mirror reports.
Asked by the New York Times how the ban would affect the new London mayor, Mr Trump said there would "always be exceptions".
The presumptive Republican candidate said he was "happy" voters had chosen Mr Khan, a practising Muslim, adding that it would be a "very good thing" if he is successful in the role.


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