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Monday, 29 February 2016

See what 2face Idibia's first Son is working on

   Working On His Music Talent,  Nino will be the opening act at his mum, Adesunmbo Adeoye, Inspiring Change Convention, on March 5th.

Find out the signs of end time

What do you think?


   BIAFRANS in Italy protested in Vatican City and Pope Francis addressed them. Today was Pope Francis first time of pronouncing the name "Biafra" .

This is a major breakthrough for Biafrans all over the world
and many are happy with this since it is a very peaceful
and wise way of demanding for freedom. the IPOB Italy
zone has gathered in mass for a peaceful protest in St
Peters square in front of Pope Frances.

This is happening even as Biafrans all over the world where
given direct phone number of Pope Frances’ Secretary and
all those around Vatican City who work with the pope. after
thousands of calls their voice where heard and for the first
time in history a major world leader Pope Frances
Pronounced BIAFRA and addressed the Protesters. and
guess what? he didnt ask them to stop agitating but rather
promised to do what he can. he also asked Biafrans to be
prayerful about it.

Biafrans have protested in front of most Countries of the
world but have not reported a president addressing
them and promising to help. other world leaders has
supported Biafra one way or the other but have not come
out to completely express support or address the

The Catholic Church being the mother church and the Pope
being the head of the church here on earth in his wisdom
gave the Biafran agitation a boost. this is to be recorded as
one of their biggest breakthroughs for IPOB

Source:Radio biafra london facebook page.

Checkout this Mobile Office Worth Over Three 300 Million Naira

Nysome Wike of Rivers State acquires state-of-the-art mobile office at the cost of over three hundred million (300,000,000.00) naira, the first of it's kind in Nigeria.
Hmm! Nawa o. Nice though

My love for President Buhari is not political(Gov. Dave Umahi)

   Ebonyi state Governor, Gov. Dave Umahi has said that his love for President Buhari is not political. Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state has revealed his undying love for President Muhammadu Buhari, noting that it does not have anything to do with joining the opposition. Speaking during a reception organised in his honour by the Old Afikpo Union (OAU) at the Government College, Afikpo last weekend, the governor denounced the belief that his open support for President Buhari means he may be plotting a move to the All Progessive Congress(APC).
          According to Daily Post, the governor noted that his love for President Buhari exceeds political
affiliation, adding that is just personal and believes that the president has good intentions
for the country. “My relationship with Mr President should not be mistaken as support for

Find out what will happen in 2019

I saw this but couldn't help but laugh out loud.
How do you see it? are you gonna run too? Let us knw.

Any difference?

My cousin and Lilian Esoro, a. k. a nurse Abigail. pretty ladies

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Buhari says he would rather invest in agriculture than give N5k to unemployed Nigerians

While speaking during a meeting in Saudi Arabia, President Buhari said he had a different opinion on the N5000 stipend his party promised to give to unemployed Nigerians when they come into power.

Buhari said he would rather use the N5000 to repair the infrastructures in schools and empower mining and agriculture than to give the money to people who don't work;

“This largesse of N5,000 for the unemployed, I have got a slightly different priority. I would rather do the infrastructure for the school that request them and empower agriculture, mining so that every able bodied person can go and get work instead of giving 5,000, N5,000 to those who don’t work.”

Another Nigerian pop star Praiz just took a shot at the popular blogger just after Wizkid.

Praiz who seems pissed off that Linda Ikeji didn’t write about his feat when the Governor of American state, Minnesota, Mark Dayton proclaimed Saturday, February 6 ‘Praise Adejo Day’ in honour of the singer, but was quick to blog about American comedian, Kevin Hart getting a day in his honour in California.
The singer quoted and replied a tweet from the blogger about Kevin Hart’s day, saying: ‘..and when a Nigerian gets his day in a foreign land it’s not news… God help us all’
At the moment, Linda Ikeji is yet to respond to either Praiz or Wizkid.

Being almost 40, lonely and bitter, FOR NOW, remains the best thing to happen to our ‘legendary’ Linda-(Odunayo Adams)

Linda and Wizkid

In response to what Wizkid wrote about Linda Ikeji the blogger, Odunayo Adams, a writer who currently coordinates the Gossip Section of Naij.com, explains why being lonely and bitter at age 35 is one of the best things that might be presently happening to controversial blogger, Linda Ikeji. In the past few weeks, the media has been flooded with popular blogger Linda Ikeji, throwing banters at different people. First it was her Hermes bags (…whether nah fake abi nah original…nobody cares, well maybe I should say I don’t.), then different trolls coming at her because she ‘over-did’ the bag issue. Shortly afterwards, it was singer Wizkid came clapping at her, before we could heave a sigh of relief, another one from one make-up artist, Isoken, came up, all within two weeks!
‘Linda is suffering from poverty mentality’, ‘Linda is arrogant and very proud’, ‘Linda’s own is just too much’, ‘Linda, at this age, you are single and searching and you still don’t have shame’….. All these and more are some of the comments that characterized a typical post involving the ‘single and searching blogger’. While I was baffled by the comments of Nigerians and social media rodents about Linda, I was specifically stunned by Wizkid’s submission. You called someone old to be your aunty ‘old and bitter’ just because she was doing her job? Where is the role model the Nigerian youths are supposed to emulate in you?  Isn’t it better to be old, lonely and bitter than to jump around from one babymama to another at an early age? You are 25 and you already have two babymamas! And we have not talked about the on-and-off big sister you have as a girlfriend. You might need to ask 2face how life has been having children from different women. Stop ‘pouring’ in all the warm holes you encounter! It is dangerous for your future and overall wellbeing. Be disciplined. Isn’t it better to be old, lonely and bitter than having to risk all the sexually transmitted diseases in this world? Having beautiful women for ‘dinner’ comes with its own ‘beautiful challenges’. Have you noticed some fine musicians of old? Have you sat down to think of how the lives of these legends who wallowed in enjoying women, ended? Isn’t it better to be lonely and bitter than being a deadbeat dad? A father is someone who is responsible for his child/children. If your babymama says you are an irresponsible father, whose report should the public believe? You could not swallow the lump of truth when the report came out and all you did was to clap at a sincere woman who’s trying to be responsible for herself, her family and the society at large? What is this world turning into?
    If you think not being married at almost age 40 results to being bitter and at 25, you are birthing babies you don’t have plans for, your case is more pathetic! The Nigerian system has turned singleness into a disease. A disease that pushes the woman into opting for suicide if she doesn’t have a strong will. If having kids from different women at 25 is what being ‘responsible’ is all about, you might need to have a rethink. Life is cruel; life is also good but being almost 40, lonely and bitter, FOR NOW, remains the best thing to happen to our ‘legendary’ Linda!

Wizkid Blasts Linda Ikeji

According to Lasgidionline, Nigeria talented singer Wizkid has once again come for Nigeria's number one blogger Linda Ikeji on Snapchat. These all started when thenet published an article titled 'Linda Ikeji is suffering from poverty mentality" which was said to be written by a Lagos based lawyer which later turned out to be false.

Wizkid after reading the story took a snapshot as seen below and posted it on his Snapchat and still tweeted it saying "nice read".

Today, the Starboy took to Snapchat again to post a pic of Linda Ikeji which he edited and wrote Almost 40, lonely and bitter! Prayers up for you.

See photos below.

Linda Ikeji is yet to reply to all these Wizkid social media rants.

I pray Linda does not clap back cos wizkid is not wizman but kid...LOL

Siasia Returns as Eagles Coach

Coach of the Under-23 team and former Nigeria international Samson Siasia has been appointed as Super Eagles Coach. He succeeds Sunday Oliseh who resigned on Thursday. Siasia will be assisted by Emmanuel Amuneke. This came after series of insinuations in which former captain of the team Austin Okocha was picked to to assist Shuaib Amodu. However the information officer, Demola Olajire for NFF has debunked the news on Okocha and Shuaib, adding that Siasia had been picked for the job.

Gianni Infantino Elected Fifa President after Zurich Election

Fifa has elected Gianni Infantino, a European football administrator born just six miles from Sepp Blatter, as its new president in a bid to restore the world governing body’s reputational damage overseen by his disgraced predecessor.
Greg Dyke, the Football Association chairman who had backed Infantino, hailed him as a “straightforward guy” whose victory was a new start for Fifa. Dyke said that England would now consider bidding for the 2030 World Cup.
However, the Swiss-Italian Uefa general secretary, who entered the race only when his boss Michel Platini was suspended then banned for six years for accepting a “disloyal payment” from Blatter in 2011, faces an uphill task to overhaul Fifa’s battered reputation.
Infantino, who spent €500,000 of Uefa funds touring the globe in the run-up to the election, triumphed over the controversial Asian Football Confederation president, Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa, in the second round of voting by 115 votes to 88.
The Bahraini had assumed his presidential bid would end in a coronation when he resolved to stand following Platini’s withdrawal in October, but his campaign has been marred by strenuously denied allegations over human rights breaches and vote-buying in previous elections.
After Infantino took a narrow 88-85 lead in the first round of voting, with the Jordanian Prince Ali bin al-Hussein in third place on 27 and the French former Fifa executive Jérôme Champagne in fourth with seven, he seized the initiative. Infantino’s energetic campaign, together with promises to more than double development money dispensed to Fifa’s 207 federations to $5m over four years, won the day.
“I want to be the president of all of you. I travelled through the globe and I will continue to do this. I want to work with all of you to restore and rebuild a new era where we can put football in the centre of the stage,” Infantino told the delegates following his victory. “Fifa has gone through sad times, moments of crisis. But those times are over.” Later, he told the media: “We enter now a new era. We’ll restore the image of Fifa and make sure everybody will be happy with what we do.”

Monalisa Chinda and her husband at their wedding

Happy married life to them...

Outbreak Of A Deadly Disease On OAU Campus! Management Warn The Public!


This is to inform the general society of Obafemi Awolowo University and by extension the whole community of Ile-Ife of the outbreak of the new unknown, fierce, slowly killing disease.
Report has it that this disease has been diagnosed to be caused by a virus, but non of the lab scientists has been able to pinpoint the virus.

Dr Ilesanmi, the resident doctor of health centre said. . .
" The virus observed by our lab scientist is neither similar in structure nor function to any of the viruses ever known. In the past five days we've admitted 75 patients with similar cases, though our infrastructural facilities failed us to manage the large number. 65 of these patients are female while just ten are male, so we are guessing that this disease is gender sensitive.
We implore the whole of OAU students and staffs as a whole to please bear with us, as we are working towards better services, as far as this deadly disease is concerned. The symptoms includes: headache, stomach ache, body weakness, irritation, fever, vomiting (in some cases), sore throat, loss of appetite. Though we don't know the preventions yet, but we believe that by proper hygiene, we can reduce the spread of the disease. . ."

It is recommended that during this period, we have our bath at least twice a day, if not thrice, wash our hands with soap and water, and keep our food properly.

Checkout Donald Trump's wife Melania Trump

Melania Trump, 45, is the woman behind the man, Donald Trump. She is said to be a calming influence on the republican maverick, a trait Americans will be grateful for if he makes it to the white house. What's more, she speaks five languages so she'll more than hold her own in those diplomatic shindigs.

She was born the daughter of a car dealer in communist-era Yugoslavia, her upbringing was humble but certainly not one of hardship as her family was well-off enough to afford holidays. She met The Donald at a party when she was 28 and he was 52, the pair got married at a lavish $1million ceremony in 2005 and welcomed son, Barron a year later.

She was successful in her right before she met the mogul as she had modelling gigs around the world aged 17, however, she has had to beat off rumours that she married him just for his money. What attracted her to him then? 'His mind, his amazing mind' she says.

If her husband does make it to the White House, she says she doesn't intend to feature heavily in her first lady role but will instead focus on bringing up their son. Asked the secret to a happy marriage, he answer was simple, 'separate bathrooms', most women will agree.

She is hot...

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Family is the best support system in the world(Khloe in new KUWTK clip )

The famous sisters are known for their close bond and in a sneak peek for season 12 of KUWTK, Khloe drives home that point.
"I don’t know how I would live my life without my family. It’s the best support system in the world.' We are sisters by blood but best friends by choice.' She added.
Kim is also heard saying in the clip, 'The power of family really means everything, We would do anything for each other."

Fans Slam Paul Okoye As He Unveils Ist Lady Of His Label:Is She A Stripper?

A few days ago, Paul Okoye of music sensation PSquare hinted on his Instagram page that he had signed a female artiste to his RudeBoy record label amid the whole drama between his brothers. The father of one shared a photo of an unidentified woman on his Instagram page with the caption: Guess who? #rudeboyrecordz never mind will brag soon

Moments ago, the singer unveiled the mystery artist with racy photos on his Instagram page, referring to her as ‘Her Royal sexiness’ and the ‘First Lady’ of RudeBoy Recordz.

The singer, who goes by Lucy Candy May, showed off a lot of skin and sultriness as she rocked a polka dotted bikini with Unclad pumps. Immediately he shared the photos, his fans criticized her choice of outfit for her big unveil and questioned if Paul had signed a stripper or an artiste. Some even accused Paul of being a love-vendor!


See this Nigerian pilot who is to be the first African to fly around the world

A Nigerian pilot named Ademilola Odujinrin is set to make history as the first African to fly around the world alone. This historical journey will happen in April according to Demilola who said he's put everything in place to ensure a hitch-free journey. He said his solo expedition will begin in Lagos and take him round the 7 continents of the world. It will take 6 weeks to complete and he will end his journey in Lagos sometime in May.

“The project aims to inspire Nigeria’s teeming population to begin to conceive a world without borders with unbridled dreams to transform the Nigerian narrative while shattering all stereotypes. The planned solo expedition will be achieved flying the aircraft, Cirrus SR22. It has a total payload of about 439kg. This particular aircraft with registration number N313CD has been specifically modified for this journey with additional long-range tanks and a HF radio installed for longer stretches of the journey,’’ he said.

Demilola said he's currently undergoing physical and psychological training to prepare him for the challenges of operating a flight without any assistance for six weeks. The operation will cost about a million dollars according to Transcend project, who are supporting the project.

when salary refuses to grow...very funny photo

Guy Posts His Bsc Certificate On Facebook

But this guy fall my hand shaa...although there is freedom of expression, expressing how he feels with 2/1 with a dept I know very well, atleast he is not the first in history or is he?

Friday, 26 February 2016

Apologise to y'all

I sincerely apologise for been offline for a while now, actually I lost my beloved Dad and he was buried this February. I 've been away cos of his departure. May his gentle soul RIP! Amen.
Yeah now am fully back to keep y'all updated on what happens around which goes viral *winks* love you.

Friday, 5 February 2016

John Okafor(Mr Ibu) & wife welcome baby boy(Photo)

Comic actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu and his wife, Stella Marris have welcomed a baby boy. The proud father shared the good news and wrote...
 My new baby boy has arrived God take all d glory
Congrats to them.

Ben Murray-bruce Serves Epic Clap Back To Guy Who Tried To Disrespect Him


Man Attacked by Epilepsy while Driving Kills Beggar, Injures 3 Others

A commercial driver on Friday in Kaduna killed a beggar and injured three other persons after he was said to have been attacked by epilepsy, while conveying passengers from the Kaduna Sheikh Abubakar Gumi Central market to Kakuri area of the city.

The incident triggered pandemonium as the traders along Ahmadu Bello Way by Jos road scampered for safety when they noticed the driver had lost control.

An eye witness ,who claimed to have escaped being hit by the bus said when the driver lost control,
the vehicle wobbled for about 500 metres creating a loud noise as it moved.
“We were not sure of what went wrong, we just saw the bus moving towards us, but we were lucky that it hit a culvert and stopped.
According to him, the driver was foaming at the mouth as soon as he was brought out of the vehicle, and from all indications, he was suffering from epilepsy, and some people rushed him to hospital.
Several passersby were said to have sustained injuries and were rushed to different hospitals in the metropolis.

Tinubu withdraws his N150billion libel suit against AIT after they apologized

APC National Leader, Bola Tinubu, has withdrawn his N150 billion libel suit he filed against DAAR Communications Plc, the owner of African Independent Television, over the documentary titled "Lion of Bourdillon" which was aired on the station in the build-up of the 2015 general election.

Tinubu argued that the documentary was aimed at tarnishing his image.

At the resumed hearing of the case today February 5th, counsel to Bola Tinubu, Wole Olanipekun and AIT's counsel, Mike Ozekhome, announced to the judge, Justice Iyabode Akinkugbe, that both parties have agreed for an out of court settlement after the management of AIT on January 29th, sent a letter of apology to Tinubu.

The letter in part reads
"DAAR Communications Plc acknowledges that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is an outstanding political leader of unblemished character and integrity, as well as a leading public figure and opinion-moulder, who has made and continuous make immense contributions to the progress and development of the nation in general and Lagos State in particular. DAAR Communications Plc admits that in airing the said documentary, it had no intention, whatsoever, to embarrass or diminish the high reputation of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu which it respects and attests to”
Confirming the request for an out of court settlement, Olanipekun urged the court to adopt the settlement terms and allow them settle out of court. Justice Akinkugbe after adopting the settlement by both parties, ordered DAAR Communications Plc to publicly and unequivocally retract the documentary and also tender an unreserved public apology to Tinubu.

If you are a wife then read this before its too late...LOL

 An Italian woman is facing up to six years in jail after her husband took her to court for not cooking and cleaning enough. 
The 40-year-old woman has been charged with "mistreatment of the family" due to what her husband describes as “poor management of the household chores”.The charge could result in a jail sentence of up to six years,the Local reports.

In his statement, the husband, who is seven years his wife's senior, claimed he had been "insulted" for over two years by his wife's negligence.
He also said that on occasion his wife has kicked him out of their bedroom and that he has been “forced to live in conditions with poor hygiene”.
The husband also said that the food he bought ended up in the bin as his wife rarely cooked.